Nervous and I know it…

There is much to be gained from naivety.

Allegra is going to have her 4 month immunisations tomorrow. She was meant to have them last week but she was ill.

I hadn’t thought much about it- deliberately. I am not concerned about her crying, after helping with heaps of blood tests and procedures since Allegra was born this is the last of my worries. No, I am worried about her reacting or worse catching something because of them… NOW.

Well meaning people keep the cycle of good will going. And as a serial ‘well meaning’ person myself, I recognise the benefits of a little kind hearted action or word. But in this case it hasn’t come off well.

There are many blog posts and articles about what NOT to say to premmie parents (eg: Dear New Preemie Parent, What NOT to say to a Preemie Parent and 10 Things Not To Say To Parents Of Preemies), But one thing I want to add to the end of “Please be aware this could be something to be careful of when talking to a premmie parent…” is immunisations.

I have had many people make comments like: “I’m sure you’ll be glad when they are over and she is fine” or “There aren’t too many bad cases, don’t stress” or even “Prems have low immune systems don’t they? Does this make the risks worse?”. As I said, I have nothing against well-meaning people, but I had been basking in my naivety until I had heard one too many comments like these and my subconscious started to worry. Just like positivity, worry is contagious. I am now in a battle and fingers crossed the positivity wins out on the day as we have enough to worry about for this to be added to the list!

Today I had to stop Allegra’s Zantac. Zantac is the reflux medication that changes the acidity in the stomach. When she was put on Losec two weeks ago, we were told to keep the Zantac going for two weeks to give the Losec a chance to build up in her system. Losec is meant to help the stomach process its contents quicker and reduce reflux. Its been two weeks and I haven’t seen a noticeable difference in her reflux, but as per doctors orders I have stopped her Zantac. I have since had a baby who is obviously in pain, who starts screaming mid feed and doesnt stop (no matter what you do) until she is so exhausted she tires herself to sleep. Add to that the immunisations and tommorrow will be one tough day to say the least.

Here’s to tommorrow, wear green for premmies day. A day to celebrate life– the people who make it, the people who save them and the God who is in control.

P.s. Here is something you could say: “Isnt it great we have immunisations to help protect our babies? Praise God!”

About MicroMiracleMum

My name is Sarah, my husband is Mark and we are the very proud parents to our 28 weeker ex-prem Allegra and our 29 weeker ex-prem Theoden. They are both amazing & well and are now 2 and 3! Follow along with the ups and downs of our lives as I share all my thoughts and feelings in the hopes that it helps even just one person know they are not alone!
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2 Responses to Nervous and I know it…

  1. Dad says:

    Love you Bear. Pleassssse call after your day today to let me know how you are getting on.

  2. alblog1 says:

    Same as us – we’re now on both Losec and Zantac from now on. Hope you get some answers soon and the immunisations go as smoothly as possible. Nicole xx

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